Drive-Up Storage Units

Simply More Convenient

Drive-Up Benefits

When you are in a hurry, you will appreciate the speed at which you can load and unload from a drive-up storage unit. Pulling right up to the entrance of your unit saves so much time. You won't have to carry bulk furniture or other heavy items long distances either. Town Creek Storage offers drive-up storage in a variety of sizes including 5’x5’ through 10’x20’.

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Some reasons to store in drive-up storage units are:

  • No stairs or elevators
  • No lost time traveling back and forth
  • Less physical effort
  • Short distance from the truck to your storage unit
  • Less people needed to load/unload
  • Heavy items don't have to be carried as far

Consider Your Circumstances

As drive-up storage units have exterior entries, you will want to think about how the weather and moisture will affect your stored belongings. Climate-controlled storage units are available at Town Creek Storage if you want to protect your possessions from these elements.

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